Top  10 Reasons to Buy a New Home Now

10. Amenities

Gourmet kitchen, mini-spa bathroom, home theatre. You want it you got it! It’s all about you!

9. Energy and Resource Efficiency

Today’s new homes are increasingly energy-efficient. You’ll be amazed at how low your utility bills can be!

8. Low Maintenance Cost

You’ll have more time and money to do things you really want to do!

7. Build Wealth

Today’s flexible financing options allow for minimum down payments, while you build maximum returns on the total value of the home. Plus you get to live there!

6. Financial Security
College expenses, retirement, emergencies. Your 401K should be so useful.

5. Interest Rates
Currently near historic lows.

4. Great Selection
More choices in every price range.

3. Tax Benefits
Enjoy huge deductions on mortgage interest as well as state and local property taxes.

2. Safety
The condition of our housing market is incredibly stable. Housing values continue to increase over time!

1. The Opportunity is Now
You will never build a home tomorrow for less than what you can build it for today.