Hospitals and Clinics

Where is care?


Dubuque offers top-notch medical care with a variety of services, clinics and institutions. Mercy Medical Center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizers.

Outpatient services and emergency room visits at the hospital total about 50,000 per year. Mercy offers an excellent pediatric therapies department, while the emergency room boasts nurses with credentials such as Certified Trauma Nurse and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

The Finley Hospital is a 158-bed facility that holds accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizers and is licensed by the state.

The Wendt Regional Cancer Care Center also is located at Finley, where 22,000 procedures are performed per year.

Hospitals and clinics

The Finley Hospital: 350 N. Grandview Ave., general information 582-1881, emergency 589-2460.

Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque: 250 Mercy Drive, general information 589-8000, emergency 589-9666.

Crescent Community Health Center: 1789 Elm St., Suite A, 690-2850

Dodge Street Anesthesiologist, P.C.: 1515 Delhi St., 557-8500.

Dubuque Anesthesia Services, P.C.: 1890 Kennedy Road, 556-8332.

Dubuque Dermatology: 2140 Kennedy Road, Suite A, 582-9306.

Dubuque Family Practice, P.C.: 320 N. Grandview Ave., 583-9300.

Dubuque Internal Medicine: 1515 Delhi St., 557-9111.

Dubuque Neurology & Neurodiagnostic Center, P.C.: 3405 Lake Ridge Drive, 583-4000.

Dubuque Obstetrics and Gynecology: 1500 Delhi St., Suite 3100, 557-5959.

Dubuque Orthopedic Surgeons P.C.: 1500 Delhi St., Suite 4200, 557-5999.

Dubuque Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery: 310 N. Grandview Ave., 588-0506.

Dubuque Pediatrics P.C.: 1500 Delhi St., Suite 3500, 557-5911.

Dubuque Podiatry, P.C.: 1500 Delhi St., Suite 2200, 557-5930.

Dubuque Surgery, P.C.: 1515 Delhi St., 557-7000.

Dubuque Urology Service, P.C.: 1500 Delhi St., Suite 4300, 557-5971.

Finley Rehab Outpatient: 444 N. Grandview Ave., 589-2497.

Fuerste Optical: 2140 Kennedy Road, 582-7167.

Hillcrest Family Services Mental Health Center: 200 Mercy Drive, 582-0145.

Hillcrest Mercy-Maternal Health Clinic: 200 Mercy Drive, Suite 102, 589-8595.

Kehl Diabetes Center: 1560 University Ave., 589-4899.

Medical Associates Clinic: 1000 Langworthy St. and 1500 Associates Drive, general information 584-3000.

Mercy Home Care: 200 Mercy Drive, Suite 302, 589-8118.

Mercy Radiologists of Dubuque, P.C.: 250 Mercy Drive, 589-8796.

Ophthalmology, P.C.: 300 N. Grandview Ave., 588-4675.

Tri-State Dialysis: 1515 Delhi St., 589-4033.

Tri-State Family Practice: 1500 Delhi St., Suite 4100, 557-5900.

Tri-State Independent Physicians Association Inc.: 2140 Kennedy Road, 582-7055.

Tri-State Occupational Health: 1940 Elm St., 584-4600.

Unified Therapy Services: 4121 Pennsylvania Ave., 583-4003.

Visiting Nurse Association: 1454 Iowa St., P.O. Box 359, 556-6200.

Westside Orthopaedic: 4005 Westmark Drive, Suite 200, 582-6202.